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We’ve had a really good collaboration with CORNATOR

CORNATOR has been an ERP supplier for the chair manufacturer VELA since 1999 and stands among other to maintain and develop TRIMIT Furniture. It is still a good collaboration to this day. Along the way, CORNATOR has helped VELA meet several requirements from customers and authorities around the world.

VELA specialize in producing electric wheelchairs, assistive devices and chairs for clinic use. Since electric wheelchairs for the most part are assembled according to the user's needs, Vela cannot possibly have an item number for each type of chair.

Instead, they use the TRIMIT Furnitures product configurator to create and configure unique items. This is well needed when 20% of the orders are unique. 

VELA use a wide range of functions from TRIMIT Furniture, all of which have made everyday life easier. We have production- and inventory management.  We also have an add-on where we have made hand-held terminals through CORNATOR, witch we can use for storage. Then we have purchasing control and entrance controls, which is designed and merges into CORNATORs solution.

Bent Møller
Supply chain manager, VELA

Standard solution and special requirements for healthcare products

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TRIMIT Furniture is a standard solution for the furniture industry, and many of the TRIMIT Furniture standard functions VELA use in their production of their design furniture called VERMUND. VERMUND is named after the company's founder. VELA has been marketing VERMUND for the past 6 years, and furniture retailers in several countries now sell VELA's designer chairs.

TRIMIT Furnitures standard solution also handles many of VELA's daily tasks within electric wheelchairs, but there are several factors in the healthcare area where CORNATOR has had to help VELA. 

Bent Møller, supply chain manager at VELA in Aalborg explains: I think we are the only CORNATOR customer who deal with medically approved products,” says Bent Møller. “It places other demands on us. We have made a lot of special solutions. It is historically conditioned because there are requirements through EU, and it demands changes in our IT system. 

Some of it is about marking products, ID numbers, CE approvals and tracking of parts and configurations, and the requirements from both customers and authorities are constantly changing. Over the years, CORNATOR has therefore helped to solve several specific problems for VELA. 

Right now, we are being challenged on the extra things that customers are asking for.

Our customers have great power. They dictate how it should be if they want a chair. For example, if the customer does not want to see the configuration in their order confirmations but instead wants to see the item numbers on the individual parts, then it does not harmonize with the configurator. Then it’s a solution we have to make. 

That kind of thing is something we’ve had a really good collaboration with CORNATOR about!

Permanent consultants makes CORNATOR a great partner

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At CORNATOR there is a high level of seniority among the employees, and Bent Møller, has paid attention to the fact that VELA always get the same consultants from CORNATOR. This is important because the consultant also know the adaptations that has been made to the standard solution.

In my time at VELA there have only been two consultants. There is someone with whom you can discuss the solution and get some counter play and some suggestions for what to do. There is some stability in it, and it, is invaluable. For me, it means a lot that a consultant who visits the building knows the building. It’s like having a house electrician. He does not have to ask where the cables are because he has placed them himself. 

Bent Møller
Supply chain manager, VELA

There is no doubt that VELA stick to TRIMIT Furniture and CORNATOR. One thing is TRIMIT Furniture has become an important part of VELA’s business, and that it would lead to major changes to change solution. Another thing is that VELA in CORNATOR has found an IT partner they work well with.

What I feel is that it is relatively easy to enter into a dialogue with CORNATOR. You have not given up beforehand, because you fell it will be useful to have a dialogue. It is very highly on the positive side. And then I will add that when we really have problems and call, then we get the help we need right away. I also know that others are pulling in CORNATOR, but if production comes to a standstill or there is a mistake that needs to be corrected now, then there is support right away 

Bent Møller
Supply chain manager, VELA