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Deciding for NAV and TRIMIT

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In 2012 the kitchen and bath giant Ballingslöv decided to use TRIMIT Furniture as their new ERP solution. TRIMIT Furniture is an industry-specific ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ 365 Business Crntal. The solution has many years of experience from the kitchen industry built in.

Gert Franzen, IT Director at Ballingslöv says: "After a comprehensive evaluation of solutions and suppliers, we chose Dynamics 365 and TRIMIT as our solution and the Danish TRIMIT partner CORNATOR as our partner".

About Ballingslöv

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The Ballingslöv story begins in 1929, when Albin Svensson establishes Ballingslövs Träförädling. Today, Ballingslöv International is an international Group in terms of kitchen, bathroom and storage solutions and is one of the leading companies in the European market.

A Complete Solution

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According to Gert Franzen, one of the reasons for their solution and partner choice was to get a complete solution along with knowhow and business acumen. 

For the main part, Ballingslöv's new system has now been live for a few months. They are completely satisfied with CORNATOR's effort and the result is a very successful implementation. 

CORNATOR has shown great comprehension of our business and a strong expertise concerning the Dynamics 365 and TRIMIT solution.

Now, four months after we went live, we can conclude that it's been a very successful installation thanks to great commitment from both our organization and CORNATOR. It has been an extensive project, which has involved large parts of our company. I can really recommend CORNATOR as a partner when it comes to implementing Microsoft 365 BC/TRIMIT.

Gert Franzén
IT Chef og Kundesupport Chef, Ballingslöv